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About us

About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

  • The Smile Of Hope is a Volunteer Community Charitable project, that aims to raise awareness and promote integration and unification of the diverse cultures and heritage of the surrounding areas in greater Manchester.
  • We aim provide opportunities for the local community to share information, develop skills and capacities to enable them to participate in volunteering and wider society.
  • We strive to provide social and leisure time activity to people of all ages in particular children and young people, to improve their conditions of life.
  • We aim to reduce isolation through the provision of offering a befriending support and endeavour to offer companionship to the disadvantaged and those facing hardship.
  • We work to provide information and offer signposting to the most appropriate sources of support.
  • We work hard to organise fundraising activities that benefit the disadvantaged of the surrounding areas of Greater Manchester and the disadvantaged communities in Africa.
  • Our aim with The Smile of Hope is to enable different communities to integrate amongst one another which will not only generate a positive and fun atmosphere but assist individuals in building their confidence.

How we do this:

  • The Smile of Hope delivers African and other dance sessions to primary, secondary schools, college and community groups within the Greater Manchester.
  • We also deliver African art and craft sessions and creative play sessions to schools the dance sessions will include many different styles of dance including African Zumba, Marrabenta, Brazilian, Xigubo, Bhangra and many more.
  • Young people that are involved with the sessions will develop their co-ordination and motor skills whilst having fun!

The Smile of Hope is a member of the Bolton Community Voluntary Sector (CVS). We have been supported by Forever Manchester Seed, Bolton At Home amongst many more. Please visit our Support Page for further information.

How you can help us in now and in the future:

  • Please contact us through our email on the contact us section , and we will get back to you soon as possible.
  • Please follow our website for further campaigns and fundraising.
  • Please donate financially to support our ongoing work.

What does The Smile of Hope have:

  • Registered with The Bolton Council (Sports Department).
  • Qualifications/Skills.