The smile of hope

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The organisation’s name is: The Smile of Hope. 


  • To raise awareness and promote integration and unification of the diverse cultures and heritage of the surrounding areas in greater Manchester.
  • To provide opportunities for the local community to share information, develop skills and capacities to enable them to participate in volunteering and wider        society.
  • To provide social and leisure time activity to people of all ages in particular children and young people, to improve their conditions of life.
  • To reduce isolation through provision of befriending support and companionship to the disadvantaged and those facing hardship.
  • To provide information and signposting to appropriate sources of support.
  • To organise fundraising activities that benefit the disadvantaged of the surrounding areas within greater Manchester and the disadvantaged communities in       Africa.

Organisation was Set up on 8th May 2012 . 

Member with Bolton CVS (Community Voluntary Services). The Bolton Hub, Bold Street, Bolton, BL1 1LS . Registered in England as a Company Limited by
Guarantee: 2615057 Charity No: 1003123.