The smile of hope

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Current Campaign- WE ARE MOZAMBIQUE 



The Smile of Hope is a small volunteer community building charitable organisation. It is based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK. We work in partnership with different community organisations and Charities within the UK and Around the World.  We aim to work together, to support the Ongoing Crisis in Mozambique, where the community is desperate for help. During the Cyclone IDAI, more than 1.000 people have been confirmed dead and now more then 4000 cholera cases have been reported. 1.8 million people have been affected, sadly this includes families.

Cyclone IDAI has devastated cities and villages in Mozambique. 

This is an International Campaign to stand in unity, calling everyone around the world to take action by making donations which are much needed to support any community currently facing hardship. In order for The Smile of Hope to do this, we desperately need  to raise funds to collect and transport various  basic necessities to take with us in our next trip to distribute in the cities and villages that have been affected by this natural disaster. The Smile of Hope members and supporters intend to fly out to Mozambique as soon as possible to support the people on the ground and collate information about the current situation.