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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you have a Charity Number?

No. As we are a small charitable organisation we currently do not have enough funds (a minimum of £5000) as required to register with the Charity Commission UK. As we grow financially we hope to register with UK Charity Commission.

Are you registered with HRMC in the UK?

We have just started the process to register for GIFT AID and we hope to receive our Registration very soon (06/06/2019). Please check our website for updates on GIFT AID.

Are your accounts accessible at any time?

Yes upon written request The Smile of Hope will declare all monies: income and expenditure publicly.

Current Campaign 'We are Mozambique'.

In the logo 'We are Mozambique' is a gun. The Flag is the actual Mozambique Flag so that everyone could identify with the country. We cannot remove this as it would be illegal. As a small charitable organisation we DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE in any form. Our aim is to build communities and encourage cohesion between the diverse cultures.

Any other questions please contact us on